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United Business Applications (UBA) is a leading regional provider of Business Solutions serving The Global Market. UBA has invested into creating multiple Startups and subsidiaries. UBA supports more than 4000+ business users and it has successfully implemented more than 400 projects World Wide. Boasting 15+ years of experience in business applications on the MENA level, UBA employs over 60 professional full-time team members.

The driving force behind its success is its well-trained, well versed, and well informed team members. Therefore, the Company invests heavily in its human capital through motivation and empowerment. Our employees are our main assets and we thrive on creating a work environment that helps our employees grow and continuously learn.


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Our Services

Packaged Development
UBA Group provides special outsourcing services for clients looking for quality deliverables, with more than 16 years of experience we can turn any client’s idea into reality by hiring and managing the best developers and dedicate them to build Your Software.
Business Consultation
UBA Provides business consultation services for Post and Pre ERP and CRM implementations, our team of consultants have a minimum of 10+ years of experience in implementations across the region and in over 15 industries.
Implementation services
Since 2001 implementing business solutions has become our passion, with our great team of implementers, project managers, trainers and developers we assure a timely delivery with excellence.

Our Team

Hazem Bawab is a Jordanian entrepreneur and the founder of UBA who has amassed extensive experience in management, IT and Sales. Over a span of time exceeding 15 years
Mazen Diab is a Business oriented professional who knows how to get the job done, with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting Technology/Technician and Bookkeeping


Top partner of the year 2015
Sage International
Top sage partner / KSA 2013-2014
Sage International
Kia Award
Automotive Mobile App Golden Award 2015

The Business Partners

1- Sage

2- Cloudview

4- Mobile Bits MCN